Super Mario World Plush Set (Banpresto)

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Brand: Banpresto
Release Date: 1991
Set Size: Unknown
Location: Japan

This Donkey Kong plush set is the very first plush set the Mario franchise ever got.
It's also some of the few plushies America got, as most plush sets from the 90's would be exclusive to Japan.
This set is hard to document, as many slight variations were released of each of the plushes. It would be near impossible to list every plush in this set.
The plushes in this set include:

1. Donkey Kong (3")

Rarity: Rare
(Estimated) Worth: $70

2. Donkey Kong (5")

Rarity: Rare
(Estimated) Worth: Unknown

3. Donkey Kong (7")

Rarity: Very Common
(Estimated) Worth: $20

4. Donkey Kong (14")

Rarity: Common
(Estimated) Worth: $50

5. Donkey Kong (26")

Rarity: Very Rare
(Estimated) Worth: $140-170

6. Donkey Kong Bean Bag (Small)

Rarity: Uncommon
(Estimated) Worth: $40

7. Donkey Kong Bean Bag (Large)

Rarity: Rare
(Estimated) Worth: $60

8. Donkey Kong Hand Puppet

Rarity: Uncommon
(Estimated) Worth: $30-50

9. Donkey Kong Full Body Puppet

Rarity: Rare
(Estimated) Worth: Unknown